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We’re at California Pizza kitchen’s Test Kitchen and today we get to learn how to make their famous barbecue chicken pizza join us and get the dish find out the secrets behind the signature recipes of famous eateries and how you can recreate them at home. When I think California Pizza Kitchen I think barbecue chicken pizza its sweet smoky savory crispy and creamy all at the same time it was on their first menu back in 1985 and it’s still their most popular menu item today. Chef Brian Sullivan is in charge of culinary development for all of California Pizza Kitchen. So before it gets into the restaurants I taste everything like you have a tough job it’s a tough job somebody’s got to do it right to start we’re gonna work with our traditional pizza dough crust go chicken and then we have a delicious smoked gouda cheese some part skim mozzarella red onions some barbecue sauce and then we’re gonna finish that with some fresh chopped cilantro okay.

So we’ve cooked our chicken now and we’re gonna add about two tablespoons of barbecue sauce and what kind of barbecue sauce do you tend to use I mean are you looking for a Carolina style little ten year or Texas we typically use a Memphis style it’s tomato based and has a nice hint of smoke and it’s all it also has molasses. So it’s got a real nice it’s kind of sweet and tangy and then how I look at it isn’t to it too it’s really that’s nice so Pisa dough people punch it people roll it out people stretch it with her hands. I mean what what’s your technique take your fingers and we’re gonna kind of take an intent a sin. We’re gonna go around the dough in about a half inch around the dough and we’re gonna create this little rim that helps you to define a nice even crust and then we’re gonna flip it over and we’re to do the same thing and be careful not to touch the rim and you can kind of see the indentation right here. So take it like this hold it up like this and you’re just gonna run it through your hands trying not to touch. The actual rim and then take your hands and now we’re just gonna kind of pull it  gently very and then twist it and then  well that was good but now we’re to set that down on the table and you can see we’ve got a nice rim okay so now we’re  going to take it and just put your fingers right on the edge of the quest  without touching the crust again okay or the rim and then just what it’s going to pull it we’re going to do that until we get it to about nine inches in diameter. So the next step is we’re going to take a little barbecue sauce okay we’re gonna go right to the edge of the rim okay and you just want an even layer right correct okay. so the next step is to sprinkle the smoked gouda cheese on top  of the sauce  you smell that now it’s wonderful  and it think it gives a essence of  barbecue when you’re eating this pizza  so it’s one of our secret ingredients. The next thing we’re gonna do is we’re  gonna sprinkle our  part-skim mozzarella so in my experience good has been kind of hard to melt so what’s your suggestion if you were picking out Gouda to make this at home you know good at you’re right good it  doesn’t melt that well and so when we made this pizza what we just did we put the good on the bottom and so the  mozzarella just sort of coats over that and helps everything melt together absolutely making a nice even melt on top of these aha I see now we’re gonna  top our pizza with this barbecue chicken. So when you put the chicken on try to get a nice even distribution it’s hard  to cook the pizza for everything’s in the center it won’t cook evenly and look  you’re hired yeah that’s perfect. Now we’re gonna go with our sliced red onion look at that  color you get that beautiful red purple  color so it’s a beautiful visual  presentation just a little more mozzarella and we’re gonna do this to kind of cover the ingredients to give it a real nice bubbly look when we pull it  out of the oven we put our flour on the  board and this should slide right under there so we kind of lift it up a little  bit then just kind of a quick little  push and then back and forth okay it’s a  little bit tricky but you can see it’s moving around on the paddle right. Now we’re just gonna set this right here in the middle of the oven and now you’re gonna get your big chance and you said let’s just lift it up just a little bit there you go okay. We got it co-come we’re gonna save it watch this okay I’ve got to kind of shimmy it as opposed like one big push you got to kind of just shimmy it. So I mean let me try to pull it up here all right just kind of do that to it there you go you have it okay. Now just set it right in the middle of the oven pull it straight back look at that perfect. We’ll let that sit for about three to four minutes one side facing the flame and then we spin it to cook to brown the other side and then it’s ready to come out what you need to turn the pizza. If you were using a conventional oven at home typically not and that’s the thing you don’t want a peek and check on your pizza. So if you have an oven light just use the light to see how your pizza’s doing but there’s  no need to spin it so opening the oven  actually isn’t a great idea because you’re gonna take the oven down a couple of degrees they’re done let’s pull these pizzas out I’ll take mine out here. So now we’re gonna take our cilantro and we’re gonna sprinkle that across the top that looks so amazing cilantro and barbecue sauce. They’re just such a great pairing together I don’t  think you would normally think that but this is it it’s a match made in heaven  it is  this is the moment that we’ve been waiting for the taste test the moment of truth yeah well worth all the hard work  that we put into this delicious huh love it. I got a just a little piece of cilantro and it was brighten up the entire slice it was amazing but that  sweet kind of spice it’s a little sass he’s a little spicy it is sassy I like it I like my Pizza Sassy’s. Thank You for visiting learnerseye blog.


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