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Welcome to a LearnersEye. Today we’ll be exploring Dubai. Dubai is the largest and most populous city in the United Arab Emirates and one of the fastest-growing cities in the world. This is the place to be for anyone who is someone everything goes in this city which seems to have no limits. Dubai is definitely not the destination for a small budget trip having a reasonable budget certainly helps. In addition to this location real we’ve prepared unique Dubai specials like the Atlantis Hotel and the longest zip line in the world. Unless you arrive by ship you will fly into Dubai International Airport getting through immigration can take an hour or more it is much faster to use the electronic fast gates for which you have to register in advance. After leaving the baggage area through customs. You will find a couple of ATMs to withdraw some cash almost everything in Dubai can be paid for with a credit card. Whenever you use it you will be asked if you are willing to pay in your own currency or in dear hands paying in dear hands will cost you less the shuttle drivers lineup is just after the ATMs. Where you will meet your driver most larger hotels offer a shuttle service limousine services with a driver are pretty common in Dubai and not expensive another fast and cheap way to get around  in Dubai is the Metro all metro trains are driverless and fully automated.

There  are two lines with 45 stations the red line and the Green Line trains run approximately every 7 minutes each train has five carriages one of them usually the first is divided into two sections. The first cabin is the gold class which is the first class. The second cabin is reserved for women and children the other four carriages are for standard class passengers to ride on the Metro you need an old card. Knowle is the Arabic word for fare Knowle cards are contactless smart cards that can be bought at the stations they are necessary to enter and exit the Metro. They come in two types silver and the golden or card is required when traveling in the first-class carriages which offer an exciting view of the track. You will be charged a travel fare each time you use it the balance on the card is shown under display when you enter the gate. There is also a tram line which has its stations mainly in Dubai Marina you can use it to get from the metro to the palm monorail. The Dubai monorail is the connection line between the Jumeirah coast line and the Atlantis Hotel which takes you over the complete artificial palm Jumeirah Island you can use the metro and the tram to get to the Gateway station. The monorail is driverless so for a perfect view enter in the front a recommended way to get around and Dubai is by taxi. Taxis are fairly cheap it will cost you about 2 Durham’s per kilometer which is roughly half a dollar from the airport to downtown. Dubai is about 30 dirhams and from the airport to Dubai Marina about 60 dear hums make sure to get an official taxi with a fare meter it’s less expensive than private taxis often unofficial drivers present their smartphone as a meter. If you are in doubt negotiate the fare before  departure if you see a taxi with a pink roof it’s a woman’s taxi this means it is reserved for women traveling alone when the sign on the roof of the taxi is yellow the taxi is free a red sign means occupied for sightseeing. We recommend the hop on hop off buses the big bus company for example operates on three lines with lots of stops making it possible to discover all the landmarks and must-sees in Dubai. The lines meet at the Burj Khalifa and at the Mall of the Emirates. This means you can go from the Gold Souk down to the Atlantis Hotel on the palm with only two changes. The buses have an open rooftop which is quite windy but perfect for photographs often the tickets include free entrance to landmarks or a boat tour some of the best hotels in the world are in Dubai. The LearnersEye team stayed at the Atlantis Hotel which is quite costly but a worthwhile adventure it has its own water park and lots of exciting attractions. If there’s one thing Dubai is famous for its shopping a must for all shopping enthusiasts is a visit to the Mall of the Emirates besides shopping. There are two splendid food courts there where you can taste food from anywhere in the world on the lower floor. There is a big cutter for supermarket where you can buy almost everything for acceptable prices.

The biggest surprise in the Mall of the Emirates is Ski Dubai. Yes you can go skiing there built-in to the mall is a gigantic artificial indoor ski resort with twenty two and a half thousand square meters of indoor ski area it features an 85 meter high indoor mountain a quad lift and a toe lift carrying skiers and snowboarders up to its peak all the equipment such as skis and jackets are provided with the ticket adjoining. The slopes is a 3000 square meter snow park play area including sled and toboggan runs an icy body slide climbing towers and ice cave and giant snowballs you can book different passes  depending on the activities. You would like to experience Ski Dubai also houses a number of penguins who are let out of their enclosures several times a day penguin encounters can be booked beforehand or on-site allowing everybody to interact directly with the Penguins as snow is not common in the Emirates. There are lots of happy kids’ faces with frozen noses usually the air in Dubai is hazy or sandy. So the visibility is not as good as you might expect some days though it is good and you should consider a helicopter flight. There is a Heli operator right next to the Atlantis Hotel you can book trips from 20 minutes onwards according to your budget a typical flight will cover the palm Jumeirah island. The  burj olara a glimpse to the world islands and later on a fantastic view to downtown Dubai with the Burj Kalifa. The flight is also a great opportunity for taking pictures from above the best chance to meet  celebrities is in Dubai Marina many skyscrapers offer shade over the harbor area with a long pedestrian zone with lots of restaurants and bars. This is a perfect place for a memorable evening surrounded by magnificent skyscrapers and lights and a lovely dinner in dense and beautiful atmosphere. You can find anything from shopping to a nice place at the beach at Jumeirah beach resort also known as jbr. Jbr offers a great view of the uprising blue water island with the Dubai eye the largest Ferris wheel in the world skydive Dubai is near jbr here another extraordinary experience awaits imagine a nice big table a cook drinks a bar and you and your friends dangling your legs 50 meters above the ground that is dinner in the sky go there for a meal at night and for a breathtaking view of the sea of lights from the Dubai.

Marina skyscrapers the old Dubai area around Dubai creek is ideal for a more cultural experience. Dubai museum is a good starting point for the fascinating history of this city the museum gives a good overview of how do you buy rose from a small pearl diver town to one of the world’s fastest-growing and modern cities in only a few years after visiting the museum jump on an Abra which means over in Arabic to cross the Dubai Creek in the traditional way give one dirham to the driver and enjoy the passage. The Dubai spice market is on the south side of the creek we would not recommend a visit there as everything is very overpriced and the shopkeepers are  pushy which is quite annoying chances are you will be leaving the market disappointed with a plastic cashmere scarf instead go to the nearby gold souk the experience there is much better Arabic Goldsmith’s are truly masters of their craft and you  will find yourself in the middle of an artistic Wonderland another memorable and recommended way to spend the evening is a doubt or on Dubai Creek they usually start from the dear twin towers and offer Arabic food sometimes there is  also quite amusing entertainment a typical cruise takes about two hours  free booking is not advised there are dozens of boats available as long as you arrive early enough you can choose your favorite boat and almost certainly get the best places on the upper deck. AOL dot org a popular day trip is a desert safari otherwise known as dune bashing you will be taken to the sand desert west of Dubai in a four-wheel-drive car and drive through. The sand dunes pretty fast for about half an hour typically the trip ends in a desert camp with dinner and a belly dancing show. These safaris are fairly touristy so don’t expect too much genuine Arabic atmosphere you may find yourself with 50 cars on the same dune and many refuse to ride the poor camels in the camps. If you want to see happy camels ask your driver and he will stop somewhere along the way and you can watch them having breakfast for fewer people on board consider a private trip. This way you are able to plan your own agenda and stops throughout the day. If you have a full day available opt for a moose on dumb tour. This is a boat tour to cuss up which is about two hours from Dubai. You will go there by bus crossing the border of Oman which is possible with a tourist visa for the UAE. The kasib area is called the Norway of Arabia because of it’s fuelled like craggy inlets and desolate mountains capes. The boat tour will bring you to one of the most beautiful places in the area and give you the chance to swim in the Arabian Sea sitting on the slow gliding boat and sipping your tea or coffee is a tremendous experience and of course a nice meal is included for shopping with more Arabic charm visit the souk Madinat which is located close to the  burj Arab hotel sukh means market in Arabic. They offer all kinds of goods there and the shopkeepers are less pushy than at most touristy markets the outside area offers a nice atmosphere and many good places to sit down for a cool drink or a snack. if you cross the market you have a nice view of the hotel but you can’t access it from there to see it from the seaside go to Jamaa Republic Beach one of the most impressive landmarks is the Dubai frame which holds the record as the largest frame in the world the building is 150 meters high at 96 meters wide. When you enter the frame it features a museum about Dubai’s rise from a pearl diver town into what it is today a truly scary experience is the glass floor at 150 meters. if you suffer from Agra  phobia this is the challenge for the day the view from up there is amazing but the glass is not suitable for professional pictures before leaving there is an area featuring the possible future of Dubai and the Emirates Dubai has many interesting places but its  heart beats in downtown.

Dubai the area is dominated by the Burj Khalifa with the total height of 830 meters it has been the tallest structure and building in the world since 2009 there are two different ways of going up for a visit the standard way is called at the top and will bring you to level 125 and 120 for the more exclusive way is at the top sky which will bring you to level 148 at 550 meters or 1821 feet pre-booking is a must. Whatever you choose the view is breathtaking we recommend to go there during sunset so you have both the day and the night time view of the city topped off with a beautiful sunset right next to the Burj Khalifa is the Dubai Mall one of the biggest shopping centers in the world with around 1200 shops all the great and luxurious brands of the world are represented in this temple of variety and abundance. But there is more to the place inside the more you can find a gigantic aquarium showcasing more than 300 species of marine animals including sharks and stingrays you will also find an ice rink and so much more make sure you have enough time for a visit as you will certainly need it after soothing your shopping desires visit the Dubai fountain right in front of them. All this is the world’s largest choreographed fountain system shooting water up to 150 meters or 500 feet performances take place twice at noon as well as every 30 minutes in the evening. They are all accompanied by music played through speakers around the lake. Every 15 minutes later there is a world record light show on the burj Khalifa. This is one of the best places in the world to spend an evening find a place for a drink or for dining and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere and the stunning shows for more details and helpful tips make sure to check out our website Travel Category posts want to be part of our world/travel and thanks for visiting

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