Malaysia Amazing Facts


More than 32 million peoples are currently living in Malaysia in 2018 among them 60% Muslims 20% Buddhists 9% Christians and 6% Hindus. Malaysia is the world’s second-largest producer of refined tin Malaysia has 65 thousand eight hundred and seventy-seven kilometres of highway this is more than Earth’s circumference of 40 thousand and 75 kilometres. Malaysia is the only Country that includes territory both on the mainland of Southeast Asia and in the islands that stretch between the Asian continental mass and Oceania barrio in Sarawak skull beat Highlands is the most isolated settlement in Malaysia there are no roads available in this remote corner and everything has to be transported by aeroplane Taman Negara national park in Malaysia is one of the oldest rainforests on earth at 130,000 million years it is older than the tropical rainforests of the Amazon and the Congo Basin it supports more than 10,000 species of plants 1000 types of butterflies 140 types of animals 350  bird species 100 kinds of snakes and 150,000 kinds of insects in Malaysia a heart bypass surgery can be done for approximately nine thousand US dollars the same operation costs around 130 thousand dollars in the U.S.

Alocasia macro riser is the world’s largest single leaf that originated from the Malay state of Sabah it is nine point nine feet long and six points three feet wide some building in Malaysia without a fourth floor they have a 3a instead it is because the sound of four in Chinese is similar to the sound of death. Malaysia boasts being the home of the world’s tallest tropical tree them to our Lang which has a base diameter of over three meters and reaches heights of around 80 meters Putrajaya in Malaysia has the biggest roundabout in the world with a diameter of 2.2 miles the pomelo citrus maxima one of the indigenous fruits found in Malaysia which is the largest citrus fruit in the world it can reach the size of a small football and weighs from 1 to 3 kilograms Malaysia produces the most expensive and best quality crude oil in the world called  Malaysian Tapi blend 44° Malaysia is reported to have more than 1000 species of plants that have medicinal properties that are used for treating ailments from headaches to malaria and cholera the bin Tonga trees are believed to have properties that could help carry HIV virus which causes AIDS. Malaysia has nine distinct royal families or hereditary state rulers the highest number in the world commonly causes Penang second bridge is the longest bridge in Southeast Asia the full length of the bridge is approx. are the largest populations of deadly king cobras in Malaysia. They are the world’s longest venomous snakes with lengths up to five-point seven meters Penang is the first and oldest English medium school in Southeast Asia. I known as old fries and includes famous personalities like Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra the first Prime Minister of  Malaysia  Tan   Sri P Romilly Malaysia’s currency is called the ringgit which means jagged in Malay and originally referred to the separated edges of Spanish silver dollars widely circulated in the region Malaysia is the only place in the world, where the war against communism was won the 12-year guerrilla warfare conducted by communist forces was finally put down in 1960 this period was known as the Malayan emergency Borneo, is the third-largest island in the world after Greenland and the New Guinea three countries share the island the independent self-native Brunei  Indonesia and Malaysia  Petronas is the only Malaysian company in the Fortune  Global 500 one of the most profitable companies in the world it accounted for about a third of the Malaysian government’s estimated 55 billion dollars revenue in 2011 Petronas towers were the world’s tallest buildings until 2004 they are still the world’s tallest twin buildings joined by a Skype bridge at 41st and 42nd floors. 


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