Pakistan officially the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is the sixth most populous country in the world and second-largest Muslim population behind Indonesia according to 2017. Pakistan’s estimated population was 207 million seven hundred and seventy-four thousand five hundred and twenty 96.4% Muslims among them it has an area of 796 thousand and 95 square kilometres.

Islamabad is the country’s capital and Karachi is its largest city both Urdu and English are its official languages Urdu is also its national language. The Pakistani rupee is its official currency Pakistan boasts the world’s highest ATM  the ATM is operated by the National Bank of Pakistan and it is installed at a  height of sixteen thousand and seven feet above sea level at the pact china border kanji Rabb pass. Pakistan is also home to a lake which is one of a kind’  Deer Lake the shape of the lake resembles that of a deer the lake also looks like a human eye with an eyebrow which becomes prominent during the summer days. when the ice melts the lake has a central island which resembles the iris master tuba is the largest single dome mosque in the world the mosque is located in Karachi Sindh and is locally known as the goal Masjid the dome of the mosque is 212 feet in diameter and is 51.4 eight feet high it is balanced on a low surrounding wall with no central pillars it was built in 1969 Shendo past located in Chitral district and Kizer district Bala Berenstain North. Pakistan is home to the world’s highest polo ground of 3700 meters since 1936 traditional polo festival is being held on Shantou top according to poll results gathered from 125 countries by the Institute of European business administration.

Pakistanis are the fourth most intelligent people in the world the world’s seventh-largest collection of scientists and engineers is from Pakistan. Pakistan also made history with the youngest civil judge in the world Mohammed millions passed the exam. When he was twenty years and nine months old the Karakoram Highway is the highest paved international road in the world. Pakistan is also known for its missile technology which is one of the best in the world the Kebra salt mine in Pakistan is the second-largest and oldest salt mine in the world the once world’s largest man-made forest is in Pakistan the chain Gore manga forest it is named after two Pakistani brothers the chain Gore manga forest was originally planted in 1866 by British foresters the Shah Faisal mosque in Pakistan can accommodate 100,000  worshippers at a time it was the largest mosque in the world from 1986 until 1993.

Gwadar port is the largest deep-sea port in the world located on the southwestern  Arabian Sea along the coastline of Ballack hi Stan the port has an area of  64,000 square meters and has a depth of more than 14 meters sugarcane juice is the national drink of  Pakistan it is also known as ruh in  Pakistan k2 Shagari is the highest mountain peak in Pakistan and the second-highest in the world  Pakistan is the only Muslim country after Turkey to open combat jobs for women Pakistan is also blessed with  Jahangir Khan a former world number one professional squash player mattli hilt located in feta. Pakistan is home to over half a million tombs and graves it is one of the largest necropolis a large designed Cemetery with elaborate tomb monuments in the world. The tombs were built over a period of 400 years between the 14th and 18th centuries GAD Danny is the world’s third-largest ship-breaking yard Sialkot located in Pakistan is the world’s largest producer of Hansen football’s local factories in the region produce 40 to 60 million footballs a year which is roughly 50 to 70 per cent of the world’s total production the football manufacturing industry now consists of more than 200 factories. Pakistan has the largest canal-based irrigation system in the world Pakistan has the 11th largest armed force in the world it has six hundred and seventeen thousand people in its army UN peacekeeping missions are supported largely by the Pakistani army. The Badshahi mosque is one of the world’s largest mosques it was commissioned by the model Emperor rang sir in 1671 and its construction completed in 1673 the mosque was largely used for military purposes during the Sikh era and the British rule for many years. until the  independence of Pakistan when it was  restored to its original condition  Pakistan is also one of the top  producers and exporters of surgical  instruments in the world according to a  source almost 99% of these instruments  are produced in Sialkot Pakistan is the  fourth largest cotton producing country  in the world 2017 Pakistan is world’s  fourth largest milk producing country  Sohail Abbas a Pakistani field hockey  defender is the highest goalscorer in  the history of field hockey with his  current goal tally at 348 the world’s  longest collation system outside the  polar regions the bio faux glacier is in  Pakistan Pakistan has some of the best  trained Air Force pilots in the world  the eddy foundation of Pakistan is the  world’s largest ambulance network it is  also listed in the Guinness Book of  World Records mohenjo-daro is an  archaeological site in the province of  Sindh Pakistan it was one of the largest  and most advanced cities in the world  during its time built around 2500 BCE  Pakistan has the only fertile desert in  the world it is located in Sindh  province known as the Parker  Islamabad is ranked the second most  beautiful capital in the world Pakistani  intelligence is considered the best  intelligence corporation in the world  even better than the CIA out of the  total land area in Pakistan 25% is under  agricultural cultivation Pakistan  irrigates three times more land area  than Russia Pakistan is so far the only  nation in the world to get established  on the basis of religion Pakistan is  also famous for truck art decorating  trucks with complex floral patterns and  poetic calligraphy trucks are painted  with a splash of colors and the artists  creativity is very appealing the tabula  dam is the largest half-filled dam in  the world and fifth largest by  structural volume the tabouleh dam on  the Indus River in Pakistan the dam is  143 0.26 meters high in two thousand  seven hundred and forty three point two  meters long Pakistan is the world’s  first Islamic country to attain nuclear  power in the last five years  Pakistan’s literacy rate has grown by  two hundred and fifty percent the  largest increase in any country to date.


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