2019 Macbook Pro 13-Inch Review: Apple’s best all-around laptop


Since last fall Apple’s laptop lineup has been a bit of a mess. When the company finally refreshed the MacBook Air in October it had three entry-level laptops all priced within a hundred bucks of each other. The tiny but underpowered 12-inch MacBook the new air and the 13-inch MacBook Pro the 12-inch  model wasn’t a good buy but choosing the best option between the air and the pro wasn’t easy either but as time went on the entry-level MacBook Pro turned into a bit of a bad buy itself problems included a dual-core processor that was more and more than a year old a keyboard prone to fail no touch ID sensor only  2 USB C ports it just didn’t make a lot of sense next to the air. Fortunately, Apple has gone out and made some notable changes to its MacBook family the 12-inch MacBook is gone and here’s a new 13-inch. MacBook Pro that starts at $12.99 and it now has a lot more in common with the pro models it costs $500 more particularly from a performance standpoint visually. The new MacBook Pro is near identical to the one it replaces it’s still a three-pound slab of aluminium that feels exceptionally well crafted with a massive responsive trackpad that weird touch bar instead of function keys and a bright high quality of Retina display basically the new entry-level MacBook Pro looks exactly like the more expensive models except it only has two USB seaports instead of four the screen has been improved with the addition of true tone a feature that matches the screens colour temperature to the room around you once you turn it on you’ll likely forget about it. But it makes for a more comfortable viewing experience just remember to turn it off if you’re doing some serious photo or video colour editing. The most controversial aspect of Apple’s modern MacBook’s is here, of course, it’s the shallow butterfly keyboard that’s prone to malfunction the good news is that Apple has tweaked the design since it last time updated the entry-level Mac Book Pro back in 2017 so it’s quieter and supposedly more reliable after a week of testing it might still be too early to say if it’s less prone to Stuckey’s though I haven’t had any problems just yet. Unfortunately, if you want a new MacBook you don’t have a choice at least Apple is offering free repairs indefinitely for this style of keyboard. I will say at the very least this keyboard is quieter than older models and I personally don’t really mind that shallow travel your mileage will certainly vary as I mentioned Apple has brought the touch bar and touch ID to this new MacBook Pro previously you had to spend $17.99 or more to get these features on a pro in the case of touch ID it’s a super useful addition that I’m very glad to see here the touch bar, on the other hand, will certainly be a mixed bag for most users. If you want traditional function keys the MacBook Air is now your only option. I’ve been using a MacBook Pro with the touch bar for a few years now and in some instances. I find it genuinely useful it’s good for jumping between tabs and Safari picking emoji and messages making some edits and photos and picking different formatting options in the bear note-taking app. If an application supports it well it can be handy the plenty of applications it or only offer limited features and in those cases I found myself wishing for hard keys for things like volume and brightness ultimately. I don’t think the touch bar is a usability disaster like some do but even at its most better it’s just offering a different way to get things done whether it’s actually better is still up for debate so one bother buying the entry-level MacBook Pro over an error in a word performance the pro has been updated from an ageing dual-core trip to a quad-core eighth-generation Intel Core i5 processor previously you had to spend $17.99 to get a quad-core chip and while. This new model is only clocked at 1.4  gigahertz compared to the 2.4 gigahertz processor you get on the more expensive pro it’s still a huge upgrade over what  Apple was selling just a few weeks ago well Geek bench scores show a modest improvement in single-core performance over the previous model multi-core performance has nearly doubled and this new Pro has scores that almost match the MacBook Pro that costs a whole $500 more people who literally make their money asked on the speed of their computer. They’ll want to invest in a faster MacBook Pro enthusiasts who are into photo or video editing music production coding or any more intensive tasks will find the new pro to be a big upgrade over-the-air this update makes picking the right MacBook a lot easier. Now if your needs are fairly modest to get the air it’s $100 cheaper now into boot but if you plan to push your computer to spend the extra $200 in the pro it’ll get you far better progress in the air and you won’t have to break the bank to get there the usual MacBook caveats still apply if you have problems with the keyboard or port selection before that hasn’t changed but a week ago it was foolish to recommend anybody buy the entry-level MacBook Pro now it just might be the best all-around laptop that Apple sells. Thanks for visiting.


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