How To Speak CLEARLY And Confidently?


How to speak clearly? Alright so you’ve probably read the articles and watched some videos that have told you how to speak clearly and these articles and videos what they probably do when you’re reading the articles and watching them is they make you walk away talking something like this to be or not to be that is the question. Anyways you get the point it sounds weird and that’s one of the things you want to see out for when you’re trying to speak clearly sometimes what can tend to happen is we end up sounding like we’re over articulating which makes us just sound maybe even worse than what we were maybe sounding like before something to realize is that you don’t have to speak perfectly. Now some people you know your speech maybe it’s so bad that you can’t be understood very well. So when you’re talking you know if it’s something like that then yes it’s very hard to understand it. But for the most important part when people are talking they have their own Cadence’s in the own way that they’ve been brought up and how they talk and it’s different and how they sound maybe isn’t always super clear but as long as you can understand them that’s what matters. If you can’t be understood that’s when you want to start working on speaking clearly but if you can be understood you’re probably fine where you’re at but anyways we’ll still get into this post just wanted to say that ahead of time.

So number one first thing that you want to do is just talk a little bit slower what tends to happen is people speak really fast and they talk like this and it’s really hard to understand them and then you don’t remember saying all the time is ITER’s talking really fast like this if someone talks like that it’s a lot harder to understand them. Whereas if they talk a little bit slower and they still know what they’re saying they can still say all the same things but just slow down a little bit don’t talk as fast now of course if you want to talk that fast you can but build up to it get a little used to it it’s kind of like if you ever played music before if you played the piano you can’t just start playing the song super fast. You have to first start playing it nice and slow and then ground your lay building up the speed to go quicker and quicker and quicker so take things slow go slow with it don’t go too fast.

Number two when you’re speaking try to get the end of the sound of the word so for example if I said the word and make sure that you get that D at the end and I went to the park instead of and I went to the park. If we missed the D it may sound it may just sound like a word and instead of and I went to the park I’m not going and I went to the park because then that’s when it starts sounding weird you still want it to be smooth. So when you say the word you go and I went to the park just naturally it rolls off the tongue something maybe you have to practice sometimes. Sometimes maybe you don’t it’s just something that’s a really easy thing to do say the last syllable of the word make sure it comes out to make sure you can hear that last letter of the word and then you move on from there.

Number three tip for you guys is to record yourselves. Where you are right now with how you speak and then what you do is you start practising and you start adding these things in and also while you’re listening you can start to hear oh this is somewhere where I miss my T’s a lot or I miss my DS a lot or I miss my ELLs a lot whatever it is you have to search what it is and you search that by listening to recording so you could record yourself listen to a simple five sentences that maybe you say and then check yourself every week rerecord yourself doing the same types of sentences and then see where you are after a month and see if you’ve improved and if you have great then you keep moving on from there and you keep focusing on the areas that you want to work on within your speech. But if you don’t hear anything you record yourself and you’re like I sound great well then you’re fine as long as you could be understood that’s the most important thing remember that as long as you’re understood you don’t have to change the way you talk or the way you sound as long as you can be understood that’s the most important thing. Anyways I hope you guys liked this post.


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