The impact of technology in our lives


In this post, we are going to talk about the impact of technology in our lives. What is the most valuable tool of today the technology plays a big part in our daily lives it includes tools machinery instruments and other devices that can be used to eat the lack of human beings. It has the ability to lessen stress complications and problems in the society women in technology will change your lives because it made our life easier aside from that it has an improvement our communication with other people lastly it provides us in-depth information that can help us to our education. We l today in a world dominated by the technology millions of people worldwide are using tools and devices to lessen their works and tasks. The technology made our life easier and simple statistic says that 47% of all employment opportunities will be occupied by the machines within the next two decades.

Nowadays many things are being replaced by machines that led us to ability even though we have adopted technology in our life let’s not depend too much on it. The technology may improve our communication with other people. Today we have no math computer internet and social media to communicate with anyone around the world it’s the easiest and the quickest method to communicate according to the Buffon’s are apparent addiction to smartphones is killing the art of conversation furthermore it makes us less social and always hiding on the account. The study conducted by the flash gap found that 87 per cent of  Millennials admitted to missing out on a conversation because they were distracted by their own phones even though it makes us communicate with just one click remember that we still need to interact with them to increase our social relationship. We are now more addicted to these technologies and disinfecting our relationship with others our education also improved because of the technology the answer to any questions can be found within a few clicks search engine will help us to simply find the answer that students may need the tacit advantage to broaden the minds of the youth of today according to a recent study. The students studies on computers tablets mobile and gadgets, in general, are studying 40 minutes more than who do not similarly more students learn on technology than textbooks because it is more entertaining however using too much technology can lead us to an inappropriate content cyberbullying cheating eyesight problems and a major distraction in conclusion technology developed our lives of the day. It is changing our day to day life in all aspects it is almost everywhere and everything that is involved in our daily life. Technology with everything with ease in order to fulfil the facet we need to do yes technology may have advantages to our humanity but we have specific needs and we cannot survive this world without these technologies. I hope you like this learnerseye post and Thanks for visiting.  


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