Difference Between City Lifestyle And Village Lifestyle


Difference between village life and city life. What is the village? Life within the village life is calm and quiet individuals within the village grasp one another okay and have developed shut bonds with others. Villagers are very friendly warm-hearted and are ready to help others at all times during a village on special occasions all the villagers get along and facilitate one another in preparations. Unlike within the cities wherever individuals keep to themselves in an exceeding village there’s a bigger bond among villagers. However, in a village, there are fewer facilities in comparison to the city villages usually have difficulty in transportation education and even medication. Most villagers do not have fully equipped and modernized medical facilities in some cases the villagers have to travel long distances to reach the hospital or the medical centre schools are also underdeveloped parents would be happy to send the children to cities for higher studies rather than to villages seeking employment can also be difficult in the village because there are fewer opportunities.

What is the city? Life, unlike the village life city life, is endowed with a lot of advantages this is because of the fact that there are a number of opportunities open to you in a city. City life is provided with a lot of facilities 2 cities are endowed with quality higher education institutions whereas villages are not endowed with high-quality colleges and universities in addition to schools and colleges’ town life is most well-liked for improved medical facilities. If someone falls ill in the family you tend to require him or her to a preferred hospital during a town since villages aren’t equipped with the most effective of medical attention the number of hospitals during a town and therefore the facilities are much more compared to it during a village a city has banks cinema theatres parks golf courses sports stadiums clubs hotels and shopping malls a city is characterized by various kinds of pollutions such as noise pollution visual pollution and air pollution this is due to that incontrovertible fact that there are a unit a variety of factories industries and mills in an exceeding town than in villages hence villages are endowed with pure air devoid of pollution also visual and noise pollution our lesson villagers. Thank you very much for visiting LearnersEye and read the post.  


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