How Do Airplanes Actually Fly?


Planes we’ve been using these vehicles to travel around the world since their invention by the Wright brothers on December 17th 1903. But my question is how did Wilbur and Orville Wright figure out how to keep planes up in the air why don’t they simply just come crashing down to the ground because of that good old force called gravity. Well, guys why don’t you guys come to join me today on FTD facts. While we figure out why planes stay up in the air hi guys what’s up my name is Dave Wawa and welcome to FTD facts where we talk about everything and everything whether it be the universe whether it be bands celebrities but in this case, we’re answering the question why do planes stay up and not come down Oh before I get in this post I want to know have you ever rode in a plane tell me about that experience down there in the comments below and if you haven’t I also want to know are you afraid of heights.

So we all plane staying up in the air first of all because of a thing called net force now the net force is the overall force acting on an object, unfortunately, enough planes don’t really have this now keep in mind. When planes do travel through the air there are forces at work that go against them. But you know if we start understanding the laws of motion we’ll know that a stationary object cannot start moving by itself it needs force behind it something to push it something to shove it something to pull it. But when an object is pushed in a direction it will have resistant of the same size coming from the opposite direction and for planes, there are forces such as gravity lift thrust and good old-fashioned drag and in order for a plane to stay up in the air, it needs as much air molecules to push the plane up against the forces of gravity. Now the wings on an aeroplane are shaped so that the air on top of the plane goes faster than the air below now when air goes faster it decreases in pressure. However, when it goes slower it increases in pressure the higher pressure pushes up against the wing thus pushing the plane up in the sky and in order to do this the wing is best slightly or angled down so the air molecules will hit the underside of the wing but if you were to just bend a plane’s wing down on the ground there’s a good chance that the plane will not just take off this is because it needs as many air molecules as it can possibly get to smash into that wing and that is where the energy known as thrust comes into play because of engines it helps the plane go through the air thus interacting with more air molecules that’s why if you slow a plane down there’s a good chance that you will lower in altitude so nonetheless as long as you got a big wing to do the job and enough thrust to get you through the air you’ll stay up in the air so that is how planes stay up in the air and the next time you’re in a plane realize that you are probably safer in a plane than in a car so thanks for visiting guys.


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