Trends in Communications Technology


We think about the communications market and the trends I like to think first about what's driving consumer behaviour and what consumers are looking for and in a nutshell. We can say that consumers rely on connectivity more than they ever have in the past whether it's the incredible rise of the smartphone and people increasingly desire to stay connected either through email or through  Facebook or other social media to their ability consume video any way they want whether on televisions or iPads or some other sort of tablet - you know relying on smart assistants and smart speakers in the home to connecting home surveillance equipment people are relying more and more on that connectivity as a way that shapes their life and that means that we need to think about that connectivity a little bit differently than we have in the past it also says that because of how much connectivity and how much content people are generating.

We have to think about the network a little bit different than we have in the past or historically we saw the network download rates growing you know fairly consistently with Nielsen's law now we need to also think about upload rates growing even faster than those download rates as people generate video and upload that to the cloud whether for social purposes whether it's because they're monitoring their home some cases not even video it could be connected appliances in the home that are generating that that information and uploading it to the cloud as the importance of consumer connectivity goes up it's attracting more competition the other thing is happening is because of the amount of competition we have already is service providers are having to provide more and more data without being able to necessarily raise their revenues and so this is putting a lot of pressure on both the bottom line for them to find new ways to drive costs out the network, as well as pressures on the top line for them to think about better ways to build Network perform and so if we think about what calm scope is doing, is we're really working with you know all of our customers all of the ecosystem to enable these things to happen. Whether it's enabling small cells to be built for the densification of the network whether it's looking at massive Bible and next-generation radios the reforming of the old spectrum and combining that with the new spectrum you know making things far faster and easier for customers to deploy with plug-and-play technologies comes scope is really working to make the next generation of network possible and to really enable that connected lifestyle. Thanks for visiting and always visit LearnerEye for Best posts about life, technologies and how to build his brand around the world.


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