15 Bizarre and fascinating facts about technology


Bizarre and fascinating facts about technology when it comes to technology. We often forget the history behind some of the things. We rely on here are some of the weird and fun facts we don’t always think about.

Number one a red panda is an animal native to the Himalayas and southwestern China the English word for the red panda is Firefox which is where the browser gets its name from so technically it’s a panda, not a fox.

Number No.2 Fact is if a Duracell battery leak and destroys one amongst your devices the corporate can replace the device if it’s sent to them with a defective battery still in situ.

Number three in 2012 at least 17 newborn girls were named Siri.

Range four the terribly 1st Apple emblem featured Sir Newton sitting beneath a tree with associate degree apple getting ready to hit his head.

Number Five tech companies often test new products in New Zealand the reason for this the country is diverse its residents speak English and if a product fails news doesn’t spread as fast because it’s relatively isolated.

Number Six there is a factory in Japan which can run unsupervised for 30 days at a time because it’s almost entirely manned by robots.

Number Seven speaking of Japan in Japan 90% of mobile phones are waterproof as many people even use them in the shower.

Number Eight one of the first computer science PhDs was earned by a nun who helped develop basic programming language as a grad student in 1965.

Number Nine Amazon was originally called Cadabra short for abracadabra to express how magical the experience of buying books from them with me but because people kept ‘miss hearing. The word Cadabra as a cadaver and since in 1995 yahoo listed web search results in alphabetical order Amazon was born.

Number Ten the computer mouse was invented at least three times in the early 1950s Mouse-like input devices were developed at least twice but both were military projects that ended up classified later in 1968 Douglas Engelbart gave a revolutionary demonstration of a computer with a graphical user interface and it included a mouse which he had developed.

Number Eleven Nintendo was founded in 1889 very early in Japan’s modernization and for 67 years it had one product playing cards.

Number twelve bulletproof vests fire escapes windshield wipers and laser printers were all invented by women.

Number thirteen Facebook has a blue colour scheme because Mark Zuckerberg can’t see the colours red and green bonus fact if you find the security bug in Facebook’s code they are willing to pay five hundred dollars for you to tell them about it. 

Number Fourteen in 1956 IBM launched the first computer with something like a hard drive that we use today the whole cabinet weighed over a thousand kilograms and the five megabytes data was spread over 50 huge aluminium disks. The machines were leased for $3,000 per month back in the day.

Number fifteen every minute approximately a hundred hours of videos are uploaded by YouTubers. They say it right if you have Wi-Fi and YouTube you can never get bored.

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