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These places make us rethink the idea that travel is about the journey and not the destination welcome to LearnersEye and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 beautiful cities are you a fan of our post be sure to comment below. We were looking out for the most breathtaking locales not necessarily the biggest or most famous.

Number 10 Honolulu USA for many years this place has been synonymous with beauty and relaxation. If you’re looking for white sandy beaches clear blue waters palm trees and an abundance of sunshine then the capital of Hawaii is just the spot for you. But it’s not just beached Honolulu is home to stunning volcanoes and wildlife while the main part of the city is a hub of business the island is still an extra key linked to the natural beauty around it with a fascinating history vibrant culture and unforgettable sunsets this perfectly picturesque City is a gem by day or night at any time of the year.

Number 9 Edinburgh Scotland it’s a truly unique and well preserved medieval city the gorgeous Royal Mile of its medieval Old Town runs downhill from the hauntingly beautiful Edinburgh Castle which commands the skyline of the city down to the Palace of Holyrood house. The official residence of Queen Elizabeth ii in Scotland equally stunning is the Georgian new town in which echoes of the poet’s writers and revolutionaries of the past still seem to ring clearly to top it off surrounding the Athens of the north is the famed wildly beautiful countryside of Scotland the most famous of these hills being Arthur’s Seat. The tallest of the city’s seven hills and the fabled site of the legendary King Arthur’s castle.

Number eight Santiago Chile nestled between the snow-capped Andes Mountains and Chilean coastal range the capital of Chile is impossible to forget there is a little of everything here neoclassical cathedrals and monuments and lively modern life colossal mountains and wide-ranging fertile plains a bustling downtown and bucolic parks in short Santiago can provide the best of many girls and because you’re in Chile you’re never far from a beach either. So whether you’re planning a day hike fine-dining in the historic quarter dancing or just a walk to take it all in it’s sure to be an eye-opening experience.

Number seven Bruges Belgium this dreamy Belgian town with its softly flowing canals gothic spires and cobblestone lanes is almost too good to be true it is made for wandering and getting lost has never been more idyllic perhaps the one downside is that this one’s best-kept secret is secret no longer still don’t let that spoil it for you while most visit in the spring and summer when the daffodils are in bloom it’s no less charming in the winter and at that time of year it’s practically your own private getaway.

Number six Prague Czech Republic something of a medieval time capsule Prague was founded around the Year 880 AD meanwhile. The oldest buildings in the city date back to the end of the ninth century for centuries it’s been at the heart of art and trade within Europe which is reflected in the city itself this city of a hundred spires is well known for its Gothic churches Baroque edifices and its marvellous astronomical clock which still reliably Tolls the hour it’s a delightful place for walking one of the best routes being the Royal Way which is the traditional route taken by monarchs preceding a coronation.

Number five then pass our Bali. The capital city of Bali Indonesia is a treat for all the senses exotic warm and just far enough off the typical tourist trail but the city retains a certain charm often devoid in more trodden areas there is much to this multicultural hub temples colourful markets and palaces like few other places in the world make up the heart and soul of the city and are mixed seamlessly with the more modern features furthermore it’s close to beautiful beaches each flowing of white sand and rolling with warm turquoise water.

Number 4 Tel Aviv Israel this is where the old world meets the new located on Israel’s lush  Mediterranean coast this is the city alive with culture Tel Aviv is an unabashedly modern city that’s growing rapidly. However, the city that never sleeps naturally has a remarkable history as well and there’s no better example than Jaffa stunning incredibly preserved old city while there is still a lively Bazaar newer shops and restaurants have also moved in only adding to the richness of the tranquil area.

Number three Dubai United Arab Emirates at the edge of the rolling sands of the Arabian Desert lies this ultra-modern oasis truly. Dubai has carved out its own place in the world like no other city on the globe once a small trading point in less than a century it’s become a modern wonder despite this century of Muslim tradition abound in the gorgeous mosques fragrant markets and glimmering Suk’s the fact that everything in the City of Gold was created and seeming defiance of the harsh desert conditions that surround the area only adds to the breathtaking grandeur of the place.

Number 2 Kyoto Japan this gem of a city was the Imperial heart and capital of Japan for a millennium like a blooming flower Kyoto unfolds in layers from the ultra-modern city the past comes to life the deeper one travels into the eastern district of giel narrow alleys revealed traditional tea houses wooden homes ryokan or Inns bathhouses and easier kaya the past truly comes to life with the Geisha who lived there and are as emblematic as any temple in the city known as the city of 10,000 shrines it has become famous for its Shinto gates or tori Eve Buddhist temples and serene gardens the most stunning of all the shrines is perhaps Fushimi-inari Taisha a massive mountainside building dedicated to a fox spirit before we unveil ours.

Number one Venice Italy few places are as romantically haunting as this stunning city of canals home to eye-popping cathedrals and basilica’s gothic and Moorish architecture it beats even Rome in terms of splendour it’s easy to get overwhelmed as not only every new ally but also every turn of the head brings on new and spectacular sights but let yourself be seduced it’s an easy city to fall in love with starting from the grand piazza san Marco visitors will instantly find themselves surrounded by some of the finest architectural wonders in the world. Whether by foot through the winding mysterious corridors or by traditional gondola from every height from every angle Venice is sure to take your breath away do you agree with our picks check out other great posts for learners eye.


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