Tips for managing seizures, migraines and stress


So one of the things we know is that at the end of the day that the same organ that is impacted in seizures or migraine headaches is the same organ that you feel and think with and we know that stress increases the environment for headaches and or seizures to occur. So all of this stress all this obsessing all of this worry about what’s going on in the world can have this negative effect that it increases the chance for seizures increases the chance for migraines and that’s something that we have to kind of find a way to de-stress to obsess about it I think the biggest thing with regards to epilepsy or any chronic neurologic condition that requires medications to be managed is number. One has your medications on you this may be the time to do the three-month prescription refill plan. So that you have plenty of medication regardless and you don’t have to call anyone for any urgent refills of those prescriptions also have in the situation of seizures and in epilepsy some rescue medications available to you. So that you don’t have to call an ambulance so you don’t have to get to the emergency room. I think for the migraines it’s almost the story and migrants is very similar to that of other neurologic conditions it’s having plenty of medication having the medications that you use for urgent use in migraine available and also have a plan with your provider as to when they when you should worry when you should not worry about ongoing headaches.

The issue about migraines is that you also have to be really mindful about getting sleep avoiding certain foods knowing your triggers knowing yourself and that is something that you just have to be very¬†careful with in terms of just navigating that so that you don’t run into any funny situations during this time one of the things we know is that often times people who have chronic neurological conditions such as seizures epilepsy migraine and others they often also have common psychiatric conditions depression anxiety and when everything going on around in the world and all the news coverage can sometimes really bring those to light so similar to what I would suggest to anyone else about distressing and not obsessing at all so make sure that if you’re feeling symptoms of depression down that just seems you just can’t get out of it. It’s not just a passing element let your physician your provider know. So I think the easiest ways to consider distress are the following the first thing is although we all need to be kept apprised of what’s going on in the world you don’t need to watch second to the second minute to minute news coverage of the different issues of how the virus is impacting us give yourself some breaks the second thing is remember to think of yourself make sure you eat to make sure you stay hydrated all those good things that help to prevent infections to begin with the things that you do on a normal day.¬† So take care of yourself that way the third thing is exercise now exercise under this whole world of physical and social distancing may sound complicated but it is super doable how about a walk outside keep your distance and get some of that sunshine focus on the positive to believe it or not despite all of the headlines and all the scariness there are a lot of positives and the fifth one I’d say give a moment to reflect meditation take a deep breath if you’re spiritual. Thank you for visiting learners eye.


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