Freelancing tips for beginners


In this post, I am going to tell you how you can get your first project on any freelance website like UPWORK or any other websites like Now when I was starting my freelancing carrier for the first time like 3 years ago or maybe 5 years ago I tried to post some bids on and at that time I was not that much experienced I was not that much good at Photoshop or coding or HTML. So I started posting some bids and I didn’t get any response for the first two months so I left freelancing I started doing other jobs and keep on gathering some experience some did some projects for my friends. So this is how actually I  started then after 2 or 3 years one of my friends he said that you are good at web design why don’t you try posting bids on up work which was at that time So at that time I again started posting my posting some bids on different jobs on a and after like two weeks I got a reply from a client and I was very happy I thought that this is going to be amazing and my friends and my colleagues they were mocking me they were laughing at me that this is not going to work you. You cannot you know you cannot get a good income from freelancing so I replied to that client and he was from USA he designed he gave me some project of designing a very simple button which was almost identical to Amazon Buy Now button or Add to Cart button so I did that and it kept on going with that client and he hired me on an hourly rate for like $12 per hour at that time it was I think 3 to 5 years ago and that was my starting point. I think I worked for him like 60 hours and earned a lot maybe more than $1,500 from my first client and I did like three or four different website designs different WordPress adjustments for him and that was the starting point of my career.

Now I think most of the youngsters in our generation they don’t have persistence or you can say patience you have to be persistent you have to have the patience to start your freelance career in the start you are going to struggle this is going to happen in any carrier if you open up a new shop in the town or you open up a new business the first three months the first six months they will be tough there will be very low customers there will be no. You will have no reputation this is there are a lot of problems so always think that you have to be patient for like first three or four months or maybe six months in any new kind of business whether it’s a business it’s a new shop it’s freelancing you have to be patient for first two months at least in freelancing and keep in. In the meanwhile if you are posting bits keep on enhancing your skills keep on reading different job posts and see what are the requirements they are asking for you have to be  prepared you have to meet those requirements that is very essential a lot of newbies or new freelancers they start their carrier but what happens is that in the end they suffer because they don’t have that much experience or sometimes they don’t have they don’t  have exact things that clients are asking for so you need to be prepared you have to prepare yourself and your skill set must match the skill sets of  your clients’ needs so be patient try to  learn in the time you are not getting any jobs don’t try to do or start getting depressed that I am I’m not getting any jobs I should left freelancing in the meanwhile if you get a job even its it is not Pink’s that much do that you are not  going to you know lose that money the job is a permanent income and you know that this is I’m going to get at the month at the end of the month freelancing is a bit risky it’s like a business sometimes you have a lot of clients sometimes you don’t have that much business just like us sometimes we have seasonal businesses like sweaters if you sell sweaters your winter will be season you will have a lot of sales but in the summer you might not have that much sale or even you might close up your business. So similarly in freelancing you might have some months that are going to give you like three or four months income and sometimes you might have months where you have like you might not be able to even meet your expenses daily expenses so that is all about getting your first project to be patient be persistent keep learning. Thank you for visiting learners eye and get motivational about freelancing field. Start it you can do it.


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