10 Most Beautiful Countries in the World

10 Most Beautiful Countries in the World

Most beautiful countries in the world to visit, a list selected following the votes of Internet users.


Most Beautiful Countries In tenth place in the ranking is Japan. This country represents a fascinating mix of old and new. With its high-speed trains making it easy to see. A wide variety of sites on any visit. Such as historic Shinto temples, Mount Fuji or even the cities of Tokyo and Osaka.



The ninth place is occupied by a country well known to Algerians in most beautiful countries. This is France. This country is not only the largest in the European Union. But also one of the most diverse. Whether it’s the snow-capped peaks of the French Alps. The lush green of the Pyrenees in summer, the vibrant purple lavender fields. The golden stone castles or even the windswept beaches. There is no shortage of varied landscapes. And then there is obviously Paris. The eternal city where “every detour brings scenes from postcards”.

most beautiful countries

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8. Iceland

A country a little closer to the Arctic resides in eighth place. This is Iceland. With its windy beaches, hot springs and volcanic mountains. There is no shortage of attributes that make Iceland so special.

The multitude of hot springs with health-promoting properties. The chance to witness the elusive Northern Lights. And a thriving food scene in Reykjavík allow travelers to experience many different experiences in one short trip. This country is steeped in folklore.  Starting with the huldufólk. Which many Icelanders believe to be real. Some even build miniature houses for them in most beautiful countries.

7. USA

The seventh position in the ranking of the most beautiful countries in the world is occupied by the United States of America. There is everything in the USA. From beaches to deserts, mountains to highlands. Breathtaking views of arctic scenes in Alaska to hot and vibrant Southern California.

The United States also has some of the most iconic cities in the world. Such as New York, Los Angeles, Washington, Miami or Dallas.

most beautiful countries


Norway for its part occupies sixth place in the standings. From breathtakingly beautiful fjords to the compact capital of Oslo. There is no shortage of things to discover in Norway. Norway has stunning mountains. A stunning coastline, breathtaking fjords. And a wildly underrated and quirky capital.

Tromsø, in the Arctic Circle, is fast becoming one of the country’s main cultural hubs. And is also a great place to start your Northern Lights excursion during the winter months.


Fifth place among the most beautiful countries in the world is occupied by Canada. Which was in second place last year. Canada has a lot to offer including its blend of raw beauty and majestic scenery.

The Yukon Territory is a place of great wilderness, while the mountains of British Columbia attract thousands of skiers and snowboarders. The turquoise colors of Lake Louise are a delight for Instagram junkies. And coastal cities like Toronto and Montreal charm, with their excellent restaurants and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

most beautiful countries


The legendary Greece occupies the fourth place in the world ranking decided by Internet users. With bright turquoise water that rivals the Caribbean on a sunny day. Greece is a magnet for beach lovers.

Greece is above all a country with many facets. Including one of the richest collections of historical monuments in the world. From the Parthenon to the temple of Poseidon via the temple of Olympian Zeus, or the mythical Acropolis. There are many unique monuments in the world in Greece.

3.United Kingdom

In third place in the ranking, we find the United Kingdom. Along with England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, there is no shortage of diversity of beauty in the UK. Breathtaking landscapes such as the English Lake District or the Scottish Highlands. Must be visited by any lover of British scenic beauty.

2. New Zealand

New Zealand occupies second place in this world ranking. This country has been chosen by Internet users for its “endless beautiful scenery”. As one of the largest volcanoes in the world and the respect people have for nature.

From golf to mountain biking. Outdoor adventures are the norm in this country renowned for its friendliness. Note that New Zealand is best appreciated as part of a road trip by car.


Finally, the most beautiful country in the world as voted by readers of Rough Guides is Italy. Few countries receive as many accolades for their beauty as Italy. Which took first place in this year’s poll of the most beautiful countries in the world.

From Tuscany to the sparkling Amalfi coast and the Dolomite mountains of Trentino. This relatively small place has a multitude of different landscapes. Roman ruins are scattered across the country. Leaving the impression of being connected to Italy’s historical heritage wherever you are.

Cities like Rome, Florence and Venice are among the most beautiful cities in the world. And vibrate with romance, while the rooftop villages will recall long-standing traditions. There is no shortage of Italian attractions. Such as the incredible Italian cuisine. And the world’s largest number of Unesco Universal Heritage sites.

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