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Hello everyone Welcome to the LearnersEye Freelancing introduction and best freelancing websites Blog websites.

In this Blog Post, we’re going to talk about the Freelancing introduction and best freelancing websites that you can use to get some freelance work.

In the market number, one is horizontal platforms and number two is vertical platforms so the difference between these two platforms is basically horizontal platforms are those where the clients are posting all kinds of different work no matter what skills you have you will always find work for that skill. For example, these platforms such as Upwork Fiverr On the other hand, we have vertical platforms these platforms. That can be specialized only for certain skills. Such as design content writing marketing etc. In this Blog we are mainly going to focus on horizontal platforms. So you can find different work based on your different skills set.

Now let’s get started

1. Fiverr

One on the list we have Fiverr which is a gig-based platform on a Fiverr you can sell your services as different packages. So no matter what your skills are you can just write about the services. You provide using that skill such as if you are a web developer then you can create different levels of service for it. You can sell any service from graphic design digital marketing writing animation programming lifestyle and many more.

It’s pretty simple just login into Fiverr and creates your account once you create your account then you can start selling your gig and provide different levels such as basic level and you have to provide your basic services such as if you are a web developer then you can write I will create a basic website for you in three days with different options and you can also do standard and a premium service also once you create your services. The buyer will contact you then you can get on a call and discuss different requirements and start working on them the goal of this blog is to give you an overview of different websites available in the market.

2. Upwork/

 We’re going to understand the difference between and which platform is better to work and freelancer are the top two freelancing platforms available in the market as a freelancer.

It is important to select the right platform to work on because you will be building your entire reputation on a single platform that can get you more work in future. Now let’s divide different work opportunities available on these platforms number one is finding work it does not matter which site you choose from these two. There are enough work available on both sites but the important difference between these two platforms is the quality of work.

Upwork is more professional and you will find quality clients compared to The second thing is creating an account you can directly create an account on freelancer but on Upwork once you create your account you need to wait for approval because Upwork gets more than 10 000 signups every day and they make sure that they choose the right person on the site that can provide quality work.

Number three is paying fees these platforms are providing you work with the different opportunities in the exchange for that you will be charged some percentage of the fees that you earn from your projects a per charge is 20 on the first 500 you earn from the single client then once you cross that amount you will be charged 10 per cent of your fees. If you cross earning 10 000 with a single client then they will charge five per cent so let’s say you get a job on Upwork is based project and you make your first two thousand dollars they will take twenty per cent of this amount from the first five hundred dollars.

You earn and ten per cent from the rest of the money which is fifteen hundred on the other hand on the freelancer for the fixed project. You will pay ten per cent fee or the five-dollar whichever is greater for the early project you will pay ten per cent fee.

Number four is working with clients the problem exists on both the platforms both have good clients and bad clients sometimes clients don’t pay this happened with me.

When I worked on and a client did not pay for my work up front. It never happened to me.  It’s also important to choose good clients who have verified payment methods. You can also look at their previous work and feedback from other freelancers.

Number four on the list is that we have a top tool. While you can receive work from anyone on Upwork and freelancer, doctor only works with the best talent in the market. Total has its own selection process for freelancers. First, you must make an account on their website.

Most individuals use LinkedIn to get a job or freelancing work, but if you understand that people who are on these freelancing sites are also on LinkedIn and looking to find freelancers, then if your profile is optimised properly, you can simply come under the search list and receive the work. I have received numerous opportunities as a result of my LinkedIn profile, which I constructed in such a way that I also post information that demonstrates that I am an expert in this industry and represents my knowledge.

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