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SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY’S IMPACT ON SOCIETY enables us to be connected virtually in these pandemic times. Technology and science impact on society and especially on student’s life. We should have an academic freeze, but thanks to technological advancements. We can use numerous platforms to simulate a genuine classroom situation. Where you can listen to your teacher and classmates recordings group activities and many more. Technology, such as zoom meeting setup and Google Meets setup, fosters spontaneous learning. They find it interesting now information is right at our fingertips. When used appropriately and monitored technology can supplement learning in and outside the classroom, example searching for a lesson or facts about chemistry and biology could be supplemented by a YouTube video or a virtual laboratory for experimentations. These are the “SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY’S IMPACT ON SOCIETY” 



Innovative teaching methods professionals teach in a more creative way to reform the learning process so that students don’t need to read thick books to understand the lesson. Science and technology also affect on study. For example, teachers can use animated videos and other kinds of content flexible learning. We can’t still learn even if they’re not in school because lessons and assignments are accessible online anytime and anywhere. For example, handy devices that we can use to attend classes make reports and submit assignments. Here the learning process technology enables us to have self-study because we can research anything.

Another consequence of technology on education is that it has substantially altered how learning information is provided, allowing students to avoid using traditional learning and teaching techniques. Science allows us to experiment and research science provides us with information that has been found by scientists in many domains in the past, which we have been able to grow and learn from. It has now expanded our critical thinking skills by allowing us to understand why a certain event occurred, solve mathematical issues, and apply it to real-life scenarios involving technology.


Students have become so reliant on technology that they have forgotten about traditional study methods. For example, they have a quiz, but he didn’t study because he depended on Google, implying that he is cheating. This deprives students of socializing possibilities. Because of the connections that technology provides through social networks, more people are becoming detached and lonely. Young people spend more time connecting with electronics than they do interacting with their friends. For example, instead of playing classic games like Patentero, you may spend your time playing games on your smartphone. Problems with technology Not everyone has the chance to learn how to use timely devices. If you’re fortunate enough to know how to use it. But the device is having crashes or an unstable internet connection. It’s still a problem. For example unable to manipulate gadget internet interruption.

The disadvantage of online classes

It can be a cause of cheating. Because students can’t have a second set up or use their smartphones to look for the answer to a specific topic on a quiz, cheating may be more comfortable in online classrooms.

Today use of technology kids have many more opportunities

To be academically dishonest than previous generations. For example, the presence of search engines or programmers that offer solutions, such as picture math messenger, might lead to cheating. Job opportunities are increasing. New forms of employment have risen as a result of the ever-increasing improvement of science and technology. The invention of computers, for example, cleared the path for the rise of IT-related vocations that provide efficient employment.

Technology advancements will increase production capacities

AI robots have been created to make people’s jobs easier. SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY’S IMPACT ON SOCIETY. For example, Robots can assist people in the production of e-commerce items. The internet provides them with a new way of reaching out to customers and competing for market shares. The use of social media as a marketing strategy has shown to be successful. Choppy, Lazada, and Amazon are examples of globalization and teamwork. It gets easier and more convenient to do cross-border trading. Because of improved commodities transportation and reduced communication obstacles between areas. It is simpler to communicate with people from various countries.

For example, raw materials and the resources needed to upgrade existing technological creations are rapidly depleting as a result of a brief dip in resource reserves. Consider the increased use of stone, sand, gravel, and minerals in the building. Online scams enhance workplace crime such as computer hacking and money theft through invasion of privacy and unauthorized access to credit card details. This might have a detrimental impact on enterprises, international transactions, and internet operations. Data security concerns an organization’s data may not be as safe online as it is on paper, thanks to contemporary technology, which exposes it to online security dangers such as viruses and other software and hardware issues.

Technology has increased productivity in many sectors, there is a dependency on it

If machinery, software, or hardware goes down or has to be fixed, it can also put it to a standstill. As a result, organizational efficiency suffers, and those that rely only on technology for day-to-day company operations suffer the most.

I hope you enjoyed this article and understand SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY’S IMPACT ON SOCIETY. If you have any recommendations, please leave them in the comments section below.

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