Privacy Policy

We appreciate you using Learnerseye as a source for news and information.

Your privacy is valued by Learnerseye, and we guard it against misuse or exposure. Without your permission, we will never sell, rent, lease, loan, distribute, or otherwise make accessible your personal information. If you have any inquiries concerning our privacy statement, please email [[email protected]].

Learnerseye is devoted to maintaining our users’ privacy. When you visit Learnerseye or make a purchase from us, this policy outlines how we collect, use, and share information about you.


By using our website, you hereby consent to the terms of our Privacy Policy and agree to its implementation.

Collect Information

We require a privacy policy in order to gather data from our users. This policy should outline the types of data we gather and how we utilize them. A section outlining what will happen to the data if your account is closed or deleted should also be included.

We will gather some information in order to offer better service. We may gather information from your computer or device, your usage of our websites and applications, and any data you give us via the course of participating in a survey, contest, or other activity on our services. Additionally, we could get data from other businesses, social networking sites, and credit bureaus.

How we use your information

We may collect information about you as you visit our website. Your name, email address, contact information, and any other details you give us might be included in this information. We also keep track of the pages on our website you visit and what material you view.

In order to serve you better and deliver our services, we utilize the information provided. Aggregate information about our visitors and website activity are also compiled using it.

Except as specified in this privacy statement, we will not sell or rent your personal information to any third parties without your permission.

Cookies and Web Beacons

Two popular methods of tracking used by websites are cookies and web beacons. A little bit of information known as a cookie is placed on your computer when you visit a website. They are frequently used to keep track of your activities on the website so that the material may be customized for you, as well as to monitor the effectiveness of the adverts you see.

The tiniest bits of code known as web beacons, on the other hand, are placed into Web pages. They are employed to compile data on user behavior and the sites that users interact with. After that, this data is transmitted back to the website’s server for processing and analysis.

Google DoubleClick DART Cookies

We want to make sure you are aware of our privacy policy because DoubleClick DART is a Google service.

DoubleClick DART is a tracking cookie that aids in our comprehension of how visitors interact with our website. No private data, such as a user’s name or email address, is gathered. Instead, it only records which pages on our website visitors visit and which advertising they view. This aids in the enhancement of our website and the precise targeting of the advertising we display to you.

Our Advertising Partners

The same exacting standards for privacy protection apply to our advertising partners. These rules limit how their data may be used, and they are routinely reviewed to make sure they are current and in compliance with laws in effect.

Additionally, as a result of our rigorous no-trackers policy, our advertising partners are prohibited from monitoring your online behavior or gathering any personal information without your permission. We respect your right to privacy, and we hope this policy will give you the peace of mind you need to use our website.

Our partner in advertising is Google.

Advertising Partners Privacy Policy

At Advertising Partners, we value your privacy. We have a privacy policy that describes how we gather and utilize data about our advertising partners because of this.

To deliver them with ads that are customized, we gather data about our advertising partners. They may more successfully reach their target market and produce more leads in this way (conversions).

In order to make sure that the advertisements you see are pertinent to your interests and requirements, we also utilize this information to enhance the quality of our service as a whole. Your personal information is always kept confidential and is never sold or shared without your permission.

Third Party Privacy Policies

Any website you visit should have a privacy statement available. This is particularly crucial if you use a service like Facebook or Google, which gather a lot of information about you.

Most websites have some sort of privacy statement outlining how they will use your data. Despite the fact that these regulations are often clear and simple, there are occasionally small elements that might be missed. In these situations, it’s crucial to thoroughly read the whole policy to ensure that your rights are being maintained.

If you have any queries or concerns regarding a website’s privacy policy, it is always best to get in touch with that website. You might want to think about taking matters into your own hands by submitting a complaint to the appropriate authorities if there is still no resolution after contacting them.

CCPA Privacy Rights (Do not sell my Personal Information)

We acknowledge that you may be unclear about our privacy practices and how they relate to your legal rights. The main factors to take into account in light of CCPA Privacy Rights are mentioned below.

  1. We will never divulge or sell your personal information to a third party without first getting your permission.
  2. We are committed to protecting the security of your personal information and using it only for the purposes for which you provided it.
  3. Let us know as soon as you decide not to provide us access to your personal information so we can respect your desires.

GDPR Data Protection Rights

When it comes to your personal data, it’s critical to understand your rights under the GDPR. Keep the following things in mind when remembering:

– You have a right to know how your personal data is used.

– You have the right to know who is gathering your data and why.

– If you no longer want your data, you have the right to request that it be destroyed or erased.

– You have a right to receive data protection notices in an easy-to-understand, clear way.

Children Information

The privacy of children is something we take very seriously. We will only send you information about our products and services when you sign up for our newsletter using the email address you enter. Your email address won’t be given to a third party for sale, distribution, or rental. Being as precise as clear as you can when drafting a privacy policy is crucial when it comes to privacy. By doing this, you can make sure that your kids are aware of the data you’re gathering on them and that they have the right to see it if they need to.