Privacy Policy

To build up a long term and lasting relation with our viewers and visitors it is important for us to build a relationship of trust. To ensure the privacy of all our visitors we have developed a secured and flawless privacy system that simply protects the whole collected information and data as well. Company has designed the most elaborated privacy policy that let us collect all the required data and store it safely in order to show you safely. We do have an in-depth record of the best content who logged onto our site and hire us for their work. Here are some points that simply elaborate on our privacy policy:

  • The LearnersEye can store and use the provided information by the visitors while logging in or making any further proceedings with the LearnersEye.
  • In case of any legal proceedings, the personal data will be used to shape the contractor to resolve any conflict.
  • The LearnersEye can store the browsing and login information of the client onto its servers but have limited opportunities to use it.
  • The LearnersEye can ask the users to review the data provided by the anytime in order to have a cross-checked record.
  • Visitors do have an option to ask for the data stored on the LearnersEye servers to check out its sequence or details as well.
  • There will be no unauthorized entity will be allowed to access the users.
  • Users do have an option to ask for the usage or purpose to have the basic information from the LearnersEye and also to check out the usage of data.
  • If the visitors witness any kind of violation or mistreatment of their personal data they can ask the LearnersEye to stop it or can take any legal action as well.
    If the user stops working with the LearnersEye, its data will remain stored in LearnersEye records but inactive, the user could not demand to terminate it. LearnersEye does have a right to showcase the project that will be submitted to the clients as its achievements.
  • The privacy policy could be amended by the LearnersEye anytime without any advance notification for the good of both parties.
  • LearnersEye is not liable to present any detailed explanation about the causes of change in policy.